Funk Soul Brothers - Czech Wrecks Team 46!

Two guys from the North West of England and one from Hertford and their attempt to get to Prague in a £100 car, raising money for the Cardiomyopathy Association in the process!

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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Pictures are up!

I've managed to sort through my pictures and get most of them online. They are broken down into days like so:

Day 0 - to Calais

Day 1 - Calais to Annecy

Day 2 - Annecy to Bormio

Day 3 - Bormio to Salzburg

Day 4 - Salzburg to Prague

Day 5 - Prague

have a look! More will come as I get them from the other two! Click each pic below.


At the Hotel in Annecy.

On the Stelvio Pass.

Bomber gets interviewed by a Czech TV crew at the border crossing from Austria.

At the finish in Prague!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

We did it!

Hurrah! After some complications at the Czech border we were finally allowed in to the country. TV Crews were filming our plight and interviewing ourselves along with the other cars. We finally made it to the meeting place in the centre of Prague at about 5pm to a fantastic reception from the locals and TV Crews. It was quite a shock to see ourselves on the Czech national news later in the day whilst enjoying a beer in our hotel lobby!

The car was absolutely faultless, we had no troubles with it whatsoever!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Still Going!

We are located in our stop for the night which is Bormio, Northern Italy! We have covered over 1300 miles in 3 days through England, France, Switzerland and Italy. So far so good! Without wanting to tempt fate, the trusty Volvo is running like a dream! What is supposed to be the hardest section of the event is now over, we are looking forward to tackling the Stelvio Pass in the morning. All three of us are well, and well fed and beered! Having a great time. THANKS AGAIN to all the sponsors for their contributions as we are now well over the £2000 raised mark, which is absolutely fantastic!

The story so far...

Day one: Calais to Annecy

Day one was mainly a hard slog of 500 miles or so along French autoroutes via Reims, Dijon and the rolling farmland of central France. The car was running well and we spotted a number of competitiors on the route (only one on the hard shoulder!). A good run today, only slightly hindered by some traffic around Annecy and the day finished at the Roche Blanc Hotel at the top of a steep twisty mountain road. The view was spectacular, across Mont Blanc. Some late night "team building" exercises in the bar set us up for a great start to day two.

Day two: Annecy to Bormio

First away! Our casual attitude to the event meant that by arriving nearly last at the start point we were able to leave first! This set us up well for a long hard day in the Alps, taking in Geneva, Basle, the Simplon Pass, Milan, Como, Lecco and finally Bormio. About 425 miles covered in perfect warm, sunny weather. Bomber had a great time literally "bombing" through the tunnels around Lake Como, getting us to our finish point in great time. Car still running well!

We are off now to enjoy the evening, looking forward to the challenges ahead tomorrow!

Friday, September 01, 2006

We have made it to Calais!

So far so good!!! The car is behaving beautifully, after having covered 350 miles today! Had quite an interesting time when we arrived at our F1 Hotel, we were greeted by a pair of burly security guards who were determined to not let us in! Apparently a rally has gone through recently and rooms were wrecked. Several minutes of conversation later, it was clear we were getting nowhere... we are now sitting, several beers later, in somewhere FAR better!

Updates to cone when we can, keep checking back!

Thursday, August 31, 2006

And we're off!

The day has finally arrived... Our journey is about to begin!

Fingers crossed eh? Hope we make it! Wish us luck!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Ah I have access to the blog! Introducing myself I'm Bomber. Unlike these other two herbies I'm the southern element of the team. As the third member of the Funk Soul Brothers, my attributes include an absolutely massive affro and a seriously heavy right foot (runs in the family - my brother Jim Bamford No 302 successfully races Brisca F2 Stock Cars). The guys want me for my mechanical knowledge, which I know nothing about, but really they want me for my wit, intelligence and map reading skills.

We leave tomorrow, so desperately fund raising. Its going really well.
Ou revoir, Bomber

Less than 24hrs to go..

The fundraising has gained a late boost with the addition of some sponsorship from the nice people at finnforest (click the logo at the top of the page to find out all about them!)

Which means......(drumroll)....we've made our £1500 target! Fantastic! Thanks to everyone who's contributed - you'll be pleased to know we'll be putting your names on the car tonight - you're all coming with us!

Car 'preparation' continues apace, well, we've given it a wash anyway :) and started stickering it's going to look great!